Your all-inclusive holiday: Where every moment becomes magic

At the Hotel Paglianza, every moment of your all-inclusive holiday is a memory to cherish. From the private beach to the pleasures of the palate with the restaurant and open bar, every detail is designed for you. Ideal for families, with free stays for children and a warm welcome for your four-legged friends, we guarantee an experience of pure relaxation and fun. Come and spend an unforgettable holiday of relaxation and fun in an lovely setting.

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A Dream Holiday at Gargano

Located in the heart of Gargano, an emblematic area for its tourist value, Paglianza is a hotel complex consisting of Hotel Paglianza and Hotel Paradiso. The two hotels are connected by a wooden walkway, offering a picturesque path through the park, where Aleppo pines whisper ancient stories to the wind and the Mediterranean scrub extends like a fragrant carpet under the blue sky.

Hidden like treasures in this green paradise, small annexes nestle gently, completing the experience by providing a serene environment immersed in nature.
A synthesis of nature, sea, and simplicity with the "soft all-inclusive" formula, Paglianza, perched directly on the sea in a panoramic position, is in symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Each living space (room or annex) is equipped with all the essential amenities to ensure an authentic holiday.
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The hotel's restaurant, a real window on local delights, invites every palate to a journey through the flavors of the Apulian land, with a buffet that celebrates the gastronomic richness of our region. From the simplest dishes of the humble tradition to those revisited in a modern twist, always respecting the products of the territory.

In the green heart of the hotel, you'll find the swimming pool: a corner of paradise where crystal-clear water blends with the intense greenery of the pine forest. And if you wish to add a touch of well-being to your holiday, our "Marea Studio relax", an intimate wellness area, awaits you to pamper yourself with exclusive treatments: a Turkish bath, emotional shower and sauna can regenerate you from the daily stresses. Do not miss the fun: the entertainment staff will discreetly brighten your days with a rich program of activities. The mini-club will allow the little ones to share games, recreational and artistic activities, so they can take home an unforgettable experience and many new friends.
With the sound of the sea as a background to the starry sky, even the night becomes romantic! Hotel Paglianza is the right choice for those seeking the Puglian holiday experience: tasty, comfortable and fun. We are ready to let you discover the timeless charm of Gargano, where every place holds a precious memory. Come and visit us, your corner of Gargano awaits you from May to September. And it's all-inclusive!
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