Situated in an enchanting natural setting, Hotel Paglianza offers you a unique holiday experience. With a large park surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, our hotel is ideal for those looking for relaxation and comfort.

Don't miss services such as "La Delizia", a corner dedicated to typical Apulian products, and the "Cinema under the stars" experience in our pine forest. Enjoy two "Soft Open Bars", Wi-Fi in the hall and pool area, an indoor car park, multilingual services, excursion bookings and much more.
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Exclusive Beach

Imagine a stretch of coastline where the crystal clear blue sea meets a stretch of fine golden sand, a private corner of paradise just waiting for you. This is the precious gift that our private beach, located a short distance from the hotel in the picturesque setting of Peschici, reserves for our guests. The sloping seabed makes the bay particularly suitable for families with children. Every moment spent on our beach becomes an experience of pure pleasure and relaxation.

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As part of our “Soft All Inclusive” formula, we provide you with everything you need to indulge in this carefree tranquillity: comfortable parasols and sun loungers await you to guarantee you a personal oasis of comfort under the blue sky. Each formula is customisable to meet everyone's needs. But our beach is not only a place of peace, it is also a lively theatre of water activities. Take the oars of a canoe and let the waves rock you, or hop on a pedalo to explore the coastline with a hint of adventure.

The clear water becomes your personal playground, inviting you to discover the underwater beauty of Gargano, a treasure that is revealed to those who choose to dive into its depths.
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For our guests, the beach is much more than just a place: it is a promise of unforgettable moments, of laughter shared with family or of solitary quiet, with the horizon as a background and the sea breeze whispering sea stories.

And when the sun starts to turn orange, your retreat on the sand can turn into a magical evening. Sunset aperitifs, candlelit dinners and special events are just some of the experiences we can organize for you, to end the day just as you dreamed it: with the elegant simplicity and enchanted atmosphere that only Peschici and our hotel can provide.
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Our air-conditioned restaurant is a sanctuary of taste, where every meal becomes a culinary journey through the authentic flavours of Gargano. With a rich buffet unfolding before your eyes, our chefs perform a true culinary art to delight not only the palate but also the eye.

Right from the morning, the continental breakfast offers a rich variety to start the day with energy. A dedicated children's corner ensures that even young guests will find their ideal meal, with soups and purees specially designed for them.
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Orecchiette con le cime di rape, a classic of local fresh pasta, is dressed in simplicity and goodness, both in the version with and without anchovy. It is a dish that encapsulates the culinary history of the region, and tasting it is a ritual that has been handed down for generations.

You can also taste the Strascenat alla Peschiciana, a pasta format generous in size and thickness, perfect to accommodate the full flavour of a fresh tomato sauce, basil and the unique touch of Cacioricotta, that goat cheese that is distinctive of the Gargano area.
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The stuffed aubergine alternative, together with i pulpett di pan, enriches the offer for lovers of intense, homemade flavours.
And for dessert, immerse yourself in tradition with Pettole, fried in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with cooked must or sugar.

Each dish is a homage to the Gargano land, its scents and colours. We are waiting for you to enjoy an authentic culinary experience, where respect for tradition merges with innovation and the passion of our chefs.
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Our swimming pool is not just a place where you can dive into fresh waters, but a meeting point where fun and relaxation go hand in hand. The pool area, equipped with sun loungers and parasols, is the ideal setting for your moments of pure relaxation under the Gargano sun. Here, you can indulge in lazing around or take a regenerating dip, while children have fun in complete safety in the pool dedicated to them.

The indoor Warm Pool is our jewel: with its hydromassage, here you can let yourself be lulled by bubbles in every season, a corner of paradise that warms the body and relaxes the mind.
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The pool experience is further enhanced by our dynamic entertainment programme, designed to make every day unique and memorable. With sports tournaments, water aerobics sessions to keep fit, aerobics and lively group dances, life at the hotel is charged with contagious energy. The entertainment team, always with discretion and a smile, knows how to involve everyone, creating an atmosphere of conviviality and celebration.
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Children and teenagers can take part in daytime and evening Entertainment activities at the Miniclub and Junior Club: qualified staff will entertain them with beach activities, recreational workshops and evening events such as "Cinema under the stars".

Everything is meticulously design to ensure that every guest, regardless of age, can find their own space for joy and fun. In this oasis of leisure, where sport, art and relaxation come together, the hotel is committed to providing a holiday that is a symphony of experiences, played by the talent of our entertainers and written with the notes of Gargano nature and our passion for hospitality.
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Wellness Centre

Pamper yourself in our intimate and exclusive wellness centre. The wellness area includes Turkish bath, sauna and emotional shower. The Marea Studio Relax will be your retreat for massages and treatments, perfect for disconnecting from the daily routine.

In our wellness centre, every detail has been designed with dedication to transform your moments of relaxation into unforgettable memories. The Turkish bath, enveloping you like a warm embrace, will pamper you in a cloud of beneficial steam, while the sauna awaits you for a purifying ritual that touches body and spirit, leaving you with a feeling of total renewal.
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And then, the emotional shower: a sensory journey that, with its play of water, light and aromas, will gently awaken your senses, preparing you for the next step in your journey of refreshment.

This space, far from the whirlwind of everyday life, is designed for those looking for a place where time seems to slow down, where every moment is an invitation to rediscover yourself. It is our invitation to take the time you deserve, to rediscover well-being in a corner of paradise. We created the wellness area at Hotel Paglianza with exactly this in mind: to give our guests harmony and vitality, on a journey of regeneration.
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Business area

The conference room is designed to host a variety of corporate and social events. Equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, it is ideal for seminars, workshops or group meetings.

A serene and professional environment with 80 seats, bureau, projector and voice system, to organise your events at Hotel Paglianza in Gargano.
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4-legged friends

At our beach, a dedicated row* awaits you for peaceful days in the company of your faithful friend, with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves as the perfect background. And for every need, a veterinary clinic is available just 14 km away. Enjoy meals at our outdoor veranda, adjacent to the restaurant, where you can share special moments with your four-legged friend, surrounded by the tranquillity of nature.

On arrival, a welcome kit and a comfortable mat will welcome your pet, while the walking area offers the ideal space to play and run around freely. And after a day of fun, our pet shower is ready to pamper your furry little one. And after a day of fun, our pet shower is ready to pamper your furry little one.

**last row
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