Internal Rules

These regulations can be viewed by consulting our web page in the “general conditions” section or you will find them displayed at our offices and common areas. Therefore, they are fully accepted at the time of booking with the payment of the deposit and/or upon arrival at the facility for guests who do not use the reservation process.


Paglianza Hotel disclaims any responsibility for theft of money or any other object left unattended in the rooms, under umbrellas, in cars, etc.

Paglianza Hotel and its staff are not liable for thefts or losses that may occur inside or outside the facility, nor for damages due to temporary lack of gas, electricity, water or technical failures of the systems, for accidents caused by natural elements, such as wind, rain etc., falls of trees, branches or pine cones or other plant parts, whether or not in conjunction with atmospheric events, for the presence of any kind of wild animal, for accidents caused by guests or their equipment or vehicles.

Paglianza Hotel declines all liability for clumsy manoeuvres made to enter or exit parking areas and/or internal roads (collisions with plants, branches, poles and various types of walls, etc.).

Any temporary suspension, due to technical causes or force majeure, of ancillary services or activities shall not, under any circumstances, constitute a reason for canceling the reservation or for terminating the relationship.

Paglianza Hotel reserves the unquestionable right to make any type of structural and/or organisational change to the accommodation facilities and may, in its sole discretion, access the spaces entrusted as rooms and areas pertaining to the room at any time, as often as it deems necessary for reasons of urgency, maintenance, safety, control and inspection.  The use of all sports equipment, and participation in organised entertainment activities, is at the user’s own risk.


Traffic is not permitted inside Paglianza Hotel, except on days of arrival and departure and only for loading/unloading luggage. In these and only these circumstances, they must proceed at a walking pace, never exceeding 10 km per hour. Cars/motorcycles must be parked in the designated parking areas.


Afternoon rest is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Night rest is from 11:30 pm to 07:30 am. Silence and respect for the peace and quiet of others must be observed during these hours.


Pool, Warm Pool and Wellness Area: 9:00 am/1:00 pm – 4:00 pm/7:00 pm.

Restaurant Hall:

– Breakfast 7:30 am/10:00 am

– Lunch 12:30 pm/2:00 pm

– Dinner 7:30 pm/9:15 pm

Tamirici Beach Bar 8:00 am/8:00 pm

Bar Hall 09:30 am/3:00 pm – 5:00 pm/00:00 am

The evening entertainment service stops by 11.30 p.m.


Minors (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by and stay with their parents or those with parental authority, who are responsible for ensuring that these regulations are respected and observed. Adults are directly responsible for the behaviour of their minors and must ensure that their liveliness does not disturb other guests. In addition, minors must be supervised when swimming in the sea and in the pool.


For the safety of bathers and with reference to the ordinance regulating bathing activities, it is not permitted to park, even temporarily, any type of boat (dinghies, boats, inboard, outboard, etc.). We recommend storage at the ports of Rodi Garganico, Peschici or Vieste.


We advise guests to comply with the relevant laws and the provisions and ordinance of the Harbour Office, which is regularly displayed at the beach entrances. We remind you that it is forbidden: to swim in the launching corridors of boats (canoes, pedal boats, etc.,), in rough seas, during storms, at night, and to go beyond the safety limit marked by the buoys. Guests are obliged, however, to comply with the lifeguards’ instructions.


The cleanliness of the common areas, as well as that of the accommodation units, is an absolute priority at Paglianza Hotel. Therefore, the cooperation of guests is essential to ensure maintenance. Here are some fundamental rules:

It is strictly forbidden to throw papers, cigarette butts, empty bottles/cans, chewing gum, etc. on the ground, on the beach, in the sea.

It is strictly forbidden to damage the plants and equipment of the accommodation, pour hot liquids or liquids of any kind down drains or into the streets.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in the guest being expelled from the facility.


Paglianza Hotel pays particular attention to separate waste collection and, thus, the cooperation of Guests is necessary.


Paglianza Hotel declines all responsibility for loss, theft, damage and/or misplacement caused by any event. If you find any lost item, either on the beach or within the facilities, you are requested to hand them over to the reception office.


Pets and small/medium sized dogs are allowed at Paglianza Hotel.

Where permitted, only 1 animal is allowed per room. Access is not permitted in common areas, including the restaurant, swimming pool, and all the entertainment areas.

Access to the beach is only possible in the last row (see surcharges).

Dogs must always be kept on a leash, maximum length of 1.5 meters, and a muzzle of suitable size must be available to be used when necessary or requested by the staff.

Guests are kindly asked to use special bags and scoops to collect excrement.

It is advisable not to leave dogs unattended in the room but to ensure that a family member is always present with them or walking.

Dogs must not disturb other guests.

Owners must ensure the utmost respect for hygiene and sanitary standards during the animal’s stay within the accommodation facility.

Any damage caused to third parties and to the accommodation facility’s equipment by dogs is the complete responsibility of the owners.

Paglianza Hotel reserves the right to immediately expel Guests who transgress these provisions.

Updated on: 23/10/2023

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